About JCLI

JCLI envisions a world where persons with disabilities are thriving, contributing, and realizing their full potential — free of charity.

Why did we organize?

After four years of volunteering in varying roles throughout Haiti, we became acutely aware of an unmet need: many non-governmental organizations focused on providing immediate healthcare, but few sought to cultivate roads to independence following successful treatment for the long-term. We wished to form the link from physical healing to becoming a productive member of society.

Given the unique challenges and stereotypes specific to persons with disabilities in Haiti, our organization aspires to create programs and initiatives that offer them the opportunity to reach their full potential — a future free from charity.

Why Our Name?

Like Jacob, we seek to be optimistic, inclusive, and a light to others. Meet Jacob

Core Facts

Our Initiatives

JCLI focuses on initiatives that improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities by providing programming and opportunities designed to develop and enhance life skills and foster independence — initiating the first steps toward a life free of charity.

Walking on a trail at Camp Jacob


campJacob removes the barriers of campers' day-to-day lives that are restricted due to lack of accessibility, educational opportunities, social stigma and funding. The camp program provides life skills and self-care training that builds confidence and inspires independent thinking.

Students in classroom raising hands

Lekòl Nou

Lekòl Nou was developed to provide an education for children who are visually impaired, blind, hard of hearing or deaf in the Port-au-Prince region of Haiti — helping them realize their full potential as intelligent, creative and whole beings.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is simple: Inspire and advocate for persons with disabilities in Haiti. Our vision is achievable: To live in a world where persons with disabilities are thriving, contributing and realizing their full potential.

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