Thomas (Tommy) Andrew Meehan

Tommy Meehan is currently the Director of Education at the American School for the Deaf (ASD) in Connecticut. He has enjoyed an illustrious career having graduated from NYU with his MA in 1977 and joining ASD during the fall semester of that year. From then until now, he has held various teaching positions, stepped out to be Assistant Superintendent at the Washington State School for the Deaf, returned and acted at ASD as principal, stepped out again to run a public school Special Education bureau and came back to his current role once again to ASD. In addition to his MA, Tommy has been AbD via UCONN. Tommy has taught in various colleges and universities over the years in areas of Deaf Education, American Sign Language and in Artistic Signing and Interpretation. Though he is hearing-impaired, Tommy loves music and has played piano (and “stringed along” on harps), enjoying music from the 1930\‘s and music influenced by the turn of the century New Orleans. In addition to music, Tommy is fascinated by foreign languages (both signed and spoken/read) and loves a good communication challenge and opportunities to observe cultures of varying natures. When afforded the opportunity in visiting other countries, Tommy always tries to wrangle a visit to that country\‘s school for the Deaf (if there is one).